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📌Welcome to IFL's FinLearn! 📒 A community for individuals to embark on their self-learning journey towards financial literacy! 📍 Join our community to share & learn more about financial literacy ✨

Welcome to IFL's FinLearn!

📍As you explore the forum, don't forget about these guidelines:

👍 Be friendly to each other! We are all here to learn and help each other out. Users may have different levels or experience - so please be kind and respectful.

👍 Try to be relevant. If what you’re adding differs from the original post/thread - feel free to open up a new post and talk about it there!

👍 Comments should be helpful and informative, not negative and hurtful of anyone’s questions or ideas

👎 Abuse will not be tolerated. This includes: personal attacks, hate speech, negative comments or slurs against race, sexual orientation or gender, or threats to a user’s safety.

👎 Sharing personal or sensitive information about other users will not be tolerated.

👎 Spamming of threads or posts will not be tolerated. To keep forum discussions on topic and share the best advice, we reserve the right to remove posts.

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📍 Welcome to IFL's FINLearn! Before you get started on your financial literacy journey, watch this clip to know more about FINLearn!

Click on the 'FinGuide' Tag, to view all tutorials and guides on the FINLEARN platform!
Hey there 👋🏽 Are you new to FINLEARN? Watch this tutorial video before exploring on the platform!

Click on the 'FinGuide' Tag, to view all tutorials and guides on the FINLEARN platform!
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